You spend all your time drinking it so you know what it tastes like, but did you know these fun facts about coffee? Prepare to be blown away.

7 Fun Facts About Coffee to Get Those Convos Percolating

Experts predict the global coffee market value will exceed USD 102,000 million by 2023. This remarkable figure highlights the popularity of coffee around the globe, and you’re no doubt familiar with seeing cafes popping up on a regular basis.

But, rather than focusing on the financial side, you can enjoy learning some fun facts about coffee that you may not already know. After all, a product that has been about for so long is bound to have an interesting history that can bring a new dimension to your coffee knowledge.

Let’s dive in and learn more about the wonderful beverage called coffee.

1. Coffee May Have Been Discovered By a Goat Herder

One story describes how an Ethiopian goat herder in the 1500s noticed his goats had more energy and slept less after eating coffee cherries. Upon hearing this, local monks then made their own drink using coffee beans.

2.  Brazil Is the World’s Biggest Coffee Producer

Brazil has a vast plantation area and a climate well suited to growing both arabica and robusta coffee beans. Coffee is the main export of this massive country. 

3. Coffee Could Have Important Health Benefits

Drinking a Deeply Coffee blend not only tastes great, but it could also have some important health benefits. Consuming coffee could help you burn fat, lose weight, and possibly reduce the risk of developing some cancers, 

4. Coffee Beans Come From Fruit

One of the most surprising facts about coffee beans is that they come from fruit. The beans are actually the seeds inside coffee cherries which in turn come from the coffee plant. 

5. Beethoven Enjoyed Coffee

Beethoven enjoyed drinking coffee and was very specific about how many beans should be in his drink. The musical genius preferred the use of precisely sixty coffee beans.

6. The Most Expensive Coffee Comes From Poop

One of the more bizarre coffee facts is that the most expensive variety actually comes from animal poop. In Indonesia, a wild animal called the Asian palm civet enjoys eating coffee cherries but is unable to digest the beans. When they pass through the digestive system and come out in its poop, farmers collect the beans which can sell for $600 per pound. 

7. Too Much Coffee Could Kill

It may not be considered one of the most fun coffee facts, but drinking too much coffee can kill. Don’t worry though, a one hundred and fifty pound person would need to consume approximately 70 cups of coffee to suffer a fatal reaction.

Now You Can Tell Your Friends Fun Facts About Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s favorite beverages, bringing many benefits to people in need of a stimulating and tasty drink. The many fun facts about coffee show how it has embedded itself in multiple cultures and become a staple of many people’s diets.

Now that you know the secrets of this popular drink, you can amaze your friends and family with interesting anecdotes to keep them entertained while you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

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