I came from a long line of great cooks from New Orleans. I’m a representative of Louisiana cooking and good Southern hospitality all wrapped up in one package. My family has passed down some really amazing Creole classics from generation to generation. My name is CJ, short for Chris Johansson. I’m a 28-yr old south guy that’s been living in the Big Apple for a couple of years now.

I studied culinary in Louisiana and worked for a family-friend’s restaurant for 2 years before moving to New York. It’s very competitive here in New York, but I gotta say, there’s still a lot of Southern cooking missing in this city. Which I’m really happy to share to everyone here. I want them to taste and experience authentic Southern classics.

When I’m not in the kitchen cooking, I’m busy doing DIY projects around my house. Sometimes, my friends would call me over to help them out with some creative pieces around their homes too. Creating is something I’m very passionate about whether it’s food or a new coffee table. I’d love to share that in this blog with the hopes that it’ll be insightful for my dear readers.