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How to Use an Electric Smoker in Three Easy Steps

Americans love outdoor so much that 63% of grill owners barbecue all year round. Nothing beats those smoky flavors infused in every morsel. And of course, for many, the next step is learning to cook with an electric smoker.

For some, getting started on an electric smoker grill seems intimidating. But with a few tips, it’s not that difficult to begin enjoying your favorite foods.

So if you’re ready to try smoking ribs on an electric grill, keep reading. This guide will set you on the right path with three simple steps.

1. Start With Seasoning

The best electric smoker experience comes with food preparation and a grill. You have some fantastic electric smoker recipes ready to go, and you can’t wait to get started. But, before cooking, every good chef knows seasoning is crucial.

Seasoning your electric smoker first is as essential as any recipe. Curing or seasoning your electric smoker before cooking serves two purposes.

First, running the electric smoker empty will remove the resins left from manufacturing. Even better, if you let your smoker run with only wood chips inside, you are baking in the aromas you love.

So, for example, turn on your electric pellet smoker on high and add some of your favorite aromas. Hickory, apple, and cherry wood are excellent woods for electric smokers. Let the smoker work for at least an hour, and when done, the walls all have that wonderful woody essence.

2. Staging

It’s time to get one of your favorite electric smoker recipes and prepare the meat. But, as you would ahead of time when cooking anywhere, setting up the electric smoker is also vital. The key to using an electric smoker is controlling the process from start to finish.

So along with the recipe, gather enough wood you want to use for the whole time in the electric smoker. Meats like brisket will take over eight hours to complete. During that time, wood chips will burn down and need replacing.

You will also want to make sure your water pan has enough liquid to last through the process. Some of the best electric smoker manuals will instruct you on refilling during cooking. In addition, your electric smoker manual will help you learn more about keeping even temperatures.

3. Finish Up

Mouths water when that succulent smoked meat comes out of the electric smoker. It’s natural to want to dive straight in and enjoy. Yet, there are some essential tasks still needed to ensure future success.

Letting the meat rest helps the juices to redistribute. And while you are waiting, make sure to cool down the electric smoker. But, first, never leave the smoker plugged in when it’s not operating.

Once your electric smoker grill has completely cooled, get a damp cloth and clean the inner walls. You won’t need a lot of soapy water for this process. The idea is to get the excess charred waste off the lining.

A clean electric smoker is ready to use right away the next time. And the seasoning from the last cook enhances the next.

Electric Smoker Delights

The best electric smoker recipes require time and patience to perfect. But as you get more proficient, experimenting with your electric smoker becomes a lot of fun. So take the time to learn the process, and savor the results.

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