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Every Professional Chef Has These Next Kitchen Gadgets

Every chef has cooking gadgets they can rely on when preparing delicious meals. But owning a couple of gadgets isn’t enough if you’re looking to take your cooking to the next level. So that’s why every professional should look at these gadgets to stock their kitchen with.

Coffee Grinder

This is a gadget that baristas would much rather have than chefs, but everyone knows the importance of coffee in the morning. How else will you prepare delicious cuisines if you’ve not properly woken up? A coffee grinder is a gadget that grinds coffee beans – it doesn’t take profound coking knowledge to come to that conclusion.

But what makes all the difference is that certain coffee grinders can also grind spices. This is the catch we’ve been going for. A spice and coffee bean grinder is a versatile gadget that performs two roles: grind coffee beans and grind spices.

A Precise Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale, and one that is digital and precise, is a gadget that every professional chef owns. When preparing meals, accuracy is of the highest importance. Chefs always go by the book. So if the book says certain grams of sugar, then the only way to accurately measure it is with a kitchen scale.

Digital scales are much more precise than analog ones, so that should be the sort of gadget to go for.

Vacuum Sealer

Chefs lose sleep over the quality of their ingredients, and the only way to make sure the ingredients are up to standard is to vacuum seal them. To do that, you’ll need a gadget, conveniently known as a vacuum sealer. This gadget is your bread and butter. Simply place the vegetable or fruit in the plastic bag and seal it off using the gadget. Not only will it keep it air-tight, but it will preserve all the healthy nutrients and minerals of the ingredients.

A vacuum sealer isn’t an expensive gadget, but one that every chef will benefit from.

Rice Cooker

Are you a fan of rice dishes? If so, then a rice cooker is one of the most important upgrades to make when preparing rice dishes. This gadget is perfectly is the perfect tool to use in the kitchen. Not only does it make it very convenient to prepare rice, but it keeps the shape and flavor of the dish.

Many rice cookers come with different settings that perfectly enable you to prepare the rice in many ways.

Knife Sharpener

Every cook needs knives to prepare meals. But not just any knives, professional cooks need well-sharpened knives. If we look at Gordon Ramsay’s list of essential knives to get, you’ll also need to get this gadget to go along. As the name suggests, this gadget is very good at what it supposes to do – sharpen knives.

Every cook benefits from this gadget, as the last thing you want is to be unable to prepare your meals.

Food Dehydrator

There isn’t a better way to make sure your food lasts than to use a food dehydrator. This gadget is convenient enough to put an end to all of your problems. Not only that, but most dehydrators are big and compact enough to allow you to store foods across multiple rows.

This gadget costs depending on how much food you can place in the dehydrator. While this gadget is quite convenient, it is also necessary for preparing meals in the best possible way by keeping the ingredients fresh.

Precision Cooker

Are you cooking for a big family and need to focus on multiple things at once? If so, then a precision cooker will put an end to all of your problems. This gadget helps professional cooks prepare entire meals at the same time. A precision cooker is a must-have gadget in every kitchen, as it is simple and convenient to use.

Not only that, this gadget adds a nice texture to the food you’re cooking with it. Your whole family will love the dishes that come out of a precision cooker, hence why you need to get one.


What kitchen is complete without a juicer? Juicers are perfect for blending fruits and vegetables to use in everyday cooking. From making smoothies to blending ingredients to add to your meals, a juicer does it all. Some juicers are better than others. So as a general rule of thumb, don’t be afraid to spend a buck or two on getting the perfect juicer for your kitchen.

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