Finding the right knife set for making meals at home requires knowing your options. This guide explains everything to know when buying a kitchen knife set.

The Complete Guide to Buying a Kitchen Knife Set

Around 350,000 Americans hurt themselves using kitchen knives every year. Often, they don’t know how to use their kitchen knives, use the wrong knife, or use knives that are too blunt.

Having a great kitchen knife set means that you can not only avoid accidents but prepare food better, too. They will cut down your preparation time (pun intended!) and make you feel like a professional chef.

But there are so many types of knives to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right knives for your needs. Lucky for you, this simple guide will teach you everything you need to know so you can buy knives with confidence.

Selecting Your Knives

There are a few things you need to consider when buying a new kitchen knife set. They are:

  • Choosing a great knife set provider or brand
  • Picking materials for the blade and handles for knives
  • Finding knives or a knife set within your budget

You can get a decent and affordable knife set of five knives for $150 or less. But you could spend that much on one knife if you’re a keen cook. Keep these price points in mind when comparing knife set prices.

The best affordable knives have stainless steel blades and handles. This makes them easy to clean and grip. Wooden handles look great but stay mindful of splinters.

Most knife sets have five or six knives (and a pair of kitchen scissors), but there are only three essential knives that every kitchen needs.

1. Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is thick with a sharp point and it is the most versatile and useful kitchen knife. It can slice, dice, mince, and so much more.

If you only buy one knife, make it this one.

You can use it on vegetables, nuts, fish, and thick meaty dishes like steak and lamb. Learn more about using knives to carve steak here.

2. Paring Knife

Paring knives are like chef’s knives but they are thinner with a small curve. You can use them for more precise knife work like peeling or trimming. 

3. Serrated Knife

Serrated knives are so handy for slicing bread and other foods with tougher exteriors. They’re ideal for chopping softer food that you don’t want to squash like tomatoes and cakes, too.

Knife Maintenance Tools

If you don’t have sharp kitchen knives, you may as well use a butter knife to chop your food. Both are as likely to cause accidents and destroy the appearance of your food as each other.

Invest in a honing rod or a whetstone to sharpen your knives. You should also wash your knives by hand as the dishwasher might blunt them faster.

Great Meals Start With a Great Kitchen Knife Set

If you want to create delicious meals that look as good as they taste, then you need a top-quality kitchen knife set. And now you know that you only need three essential knives in the right materials at the right price.

By following this guide, there’s no reason why you can’t become the Gordon Ramsey of your household.

Investing in new kitchen essentials and want more advice on what the best culinary tools are? Browse our website for tons of food and cooking tips!

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